Benefits of CBD


CBD has a number of benefits for the body. As a supplement, it is not designed to provide treatment or a cure to any specific condition. It is, however, recognized as an overall benefit for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

CBD enhances the body’s ability to heal itself by promoting the normal functions of the endocannabinoid system, which is how cells communicate with each other.

CBD can be delivered to the body in a variety of ways:

⦁ Sublingually (under the tongue) with CBD oils
⦁ Inhaled through CBD vape cartridges and CBD e-juice
⦁ Ingested through CBD gummies
⦁ Topically with CBD lotion and muscle rub

Live Well CBD is full of essential fatty acids that the body cannot produce naturally. In addition, the hemp plant that provides CBD oil is fast growing and renewable, doesn’t need herbicides to thrive, and leaves the soil in better condition than before it was planted.

People who have used CBD state that they feel happier, clearer headed, and more focused when taking CBD. It is a natural supplement that has no THC and, therefore, does not provide the “high” associated with cannabis.

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